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Going Nuts C H 

Where has the time gone? I’ve been working so hard on Struggle and Suffrage: Women’s Lives In Bristol 1850-1950, my non-fiction book for Pen and Sword Books, that I missed out on a conventional summer holiday.

Sheila H Macmillan

Macmillan charity has always been close to my heart. When we got married my husband and I decided to ask for donations instead of gifts and managed to raise approx £2,000 for this cause thanks to generosity of family and friends.My Dad had died from cancer two years before so we wanted to give something back.

Autumn Yvonne

Has anyone else noticed that Autumn is creeping up on us very early this year?


If you live in or around Herefordshire, there is going to be an open evening on 21st September 2015 for you to come along and see what fun we have with the choir that I belong to. New members are always welcome, so if you would like to see for yourself, please do!

Shop Mobility
The National Federation of Shopmobility has launched a New website.

Deb F Detection dogs

On Saturday August 8th, Debbie Flint is holding a tabletop sale at Wotton Village Hall between 11am and 5pm in aid of a cause close to her heart, Medical Detection Dogs.

 Airports art

Last year, flight comparison site Cheap Flights conducted a survey for all of the UK's major airports, which revealed the top 15 UK airports based on overall customer satisfaction.

Carol H Grandma Rocks

Had an interesting 'debate' this week on Twitter with someone. As you do if your Twitter bio says you are 'old, loud & opinionated'.

 Community Award

Do you help run a club, group or charity that benefits older people? Could your organisation do even more with a £500 award?

Summer soltice

By Andrew Dunn (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commonsmiley

At 4.15am this morning I was looking at the sky which was a vivid red colour. As the saying goes, "red sky in the morning,shepherds warning". I should have taken a photo of it with my ipad.

Trevor B Surnames
I've always had an interest, albeit a casual one, in people whose names match their occupation.

Suze Guide Dogs

If you are a Herefordshire resident, you may not be surprised to learn that this beautiful rural county homes the highest percentile of people living with sight loss, around 3.9%, in comparison to the rest of the UK, which currently stands at an estimated 2.95%.

Christmas article LinnHalton

With so many people affected by seasonal affective disorder (SAD, often referred to as the winter blues), or battling through some of life's more trying obstacles, it might be tempting to opt out when it comes to festive cheer.

Su Bristow Plants

Here’s a link to an article in the Guardian on June 12th 2015. Gone are the days when intrepid plant-hunters could plunder the resources of the world and give nothing back.

 DVLA article

I am getting VERY fed up of receiving emails from someone claiming to be from the DVLA offering me a vehicle tax refund.


Whether you believe in it or not, superstition plays a role in all our lives. Each of us uses it to one extent or another and I wouldn’t believe anyone who said they didn’t.

Leigh Day Scooters

Photo copyright Leigh Day

This article has been written by and reproduced with permission from Leigh Day. If members have any questions or concerns, please contact Leigh Day direct. Details below.

Su Bristow Regulation

For many years now, herbalists have been campaigning for statutory state regulation, both to protect the public from unqualified practitioners and to secure our legal status.

Cosyfeet 2016 Award

 The Suffolk Disabled Anglers’ Forum is the proud winner of this year’s Cosyfeet Community Award.


Hi there
Would your readers be interested in a Yorkshire based fiction e-magazine?

Di Castle manners

A crammed car park in the height of summer. We spot an area of scrub at the far end, pull in and park next to a van.

Dominoes cosyfeet

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Do you help run a group, club or charity that benefits older people? Could your organisation do things better with a £500 award?

Ailsa Honour

Feeling a bit worried that I'm starting to show my age. Not physically, oh no!



Some more 'facts' that are circulating around the internet, source unknown. Thirty five of them in all. I do not know if they are 'facts' or not! 

Loo article

You are out shopping, on a day trip, travelling on Public transport, at an airport, a station, a service station etc etc and you need the loo.


Here are a few bits of trivia for you to look through. These are from an email which is circulating widely. I have no idea who wrote these 'facts', but some of them are interesting!

Lexley George

That’s what my grandmother used to say but despite her warnings the day has come when, although it is still May, my familiar uniform of jeans and sweatshirt seems too heavy, too sombre and too dark, for, at last, the sun is shining.

HMS Argyll F231 Heck Valletta

By Masturbius (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

A few weeks ago an invitation dropped through our letter box inviting us to a reception on board HMS Argyll. It has been a some years since we were last on a ship. Edward was a career Naval Officer for many years, so it was going back to the past.


Do you help run a club, group or charity that benefits older people? Could your organisation do even more with a £500 award?

Sue Mothers Day

Next Sunday is Mothers Day. There are some super prints here, why not buy one or two Sue Rosser prints as gifts?

Food Bank

A message from the Dean: I am delighted to be able to invite you and members of your church/community to a coffee morning on Tuesday 31 May, 10.00 am – 12 noon, in the Deanery garden.

Kathy Rollinson Earth

I picked up a book bargain the other day, ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’, by Bill Bryson.

Su B research herbs

There was an article in the Spectator last week. Professor Ernst argues that to use herbs safely and effectively, you should only buy over the counter products that contain a single herb or herb extract, which has been subjected to rigorous scientific research.

You Tube imagae

On Saturday February 14th Helen Vereker Singers performed in Sainsburys Hereford in aid of Herefordshire Carers Support. Here is a video, directed by Helen Vereker and filmed by Ken Joel, husband of our good friend and contributor Margaret Joel.


Dear Mum,

We miss you today as we do every day. The third Mothers Day without you. Thank you for being the best mum in the world. Love Margaret and Jan xx

Kelly Love

As it is Valentine's Day, Kelly Florentia is sharing her latest blog on "Love".


This is a plea for EVERYONE to look out for Max who has been missing since Christmas Day. He could be anywhere now, but we have to hope he is still alive and can be reunited with his owners. 


How does one define loneliness? The very word itself causes concern. In the UK, the latest statistics are frightening enough, take a look at the info below.

 Kishboo xmas

You know Christmas is just around the corner when:

Joy Lennick

Rather than confront New Year Resolutions head-on, I think you should creep up on them and catch them by surprise. That way, you'll be more likely to keep them. (Just a theory.) That said, I've never been very good at it myself. Unfortunately, they too often involve losing ugly fat which has, somehow or other, attached itself to my slimmer self when I wasn't looking.

Phil P

I wonder what our parents and grandparents would have said about the dangers we seem to be facing today, exemplified by the recent Paris terrorism? After all, their generation lived through wartime periods of clear and present danger to their lives, whether they were serving in combat, or enduring the Blitz.


This great independent film is well worth seeing and your support for it will be greatly appreciated.

Nepal Jo Carroll

I came back from Nepal about a month ago. I have friends there, but had had mixed feelings about going. I needed to know that they were safe and well after the earthquake. But it also troubles me when visitors see disasters as some sort of tourist attraction.

me by desk

As 2014 draws to a close, it is time to reflect on what has achieved over the last twelve months.

Nationwide Charirty

The Nationwide Building Society customers have nominated the Basement Youth Trust to feature in their in-branch charity voting scheme.

oapschat 2014 review

Here is my review of some of the more unusual stories that made the headlines in 2014. This is only a snapshot, but I hope you enjoy reading the articles I have chosen.

 Cosyfeet Rise

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A charity that makes older people’s dreams come true is the proud winner of this year’s Cosyfeet Community Award.


The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, Covent Garden, London
Sunday 7 December 2014
Forty years ago this week a folk song about homeless people narrowly missed the Christmas number one slot in the pop charts. 'Streets of London' peaked at number two in the 1975 New Year chart, and Ralph Mctell became a TV celebrity and household name.

Friends Elderly

At a time when many people are searching for the top 10 gifts for gadget lovers, ideas to treat Mum and the best gifts under a fiver for the office secret Santa, there will be around 500,000* older people who are all alone. If we all work together and give the alternative gift of friendship this Christmas, we will help make the festive period less lonely for older people.


 The papers lately have been warning us of a cold winter again with talk of snow on Christmas Day. Will it happen I wonder.