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 Phil P Steam train

OK, I have two confessions. First, I admit I was excited. Second, I’d been wanting to do it since I was a kid. Oh, and third, this is probably a man thing, ladies.

Val Holmes Rivaulex Abbey

Down a steep road into the River Rye valley, north of Helmsley, North Yorkshire lies the picturesque and tranquil ruins of a Cistercian abbey, founded in C12, in the village of Rievaulx.

Knares Val H

In 1488 Ursula Sontheil was born to her unwed, fifteen year old mother, Agatha. Despite being brought before the authorities of the time, she refused to name the father.

Val Ban

Beningbrough Hall is just one of many places I have visited in North Yorkshire that has fed my imagination for the plots of my novellas.

Adrienne Poppies

A glorious autumn day, with unexpected blue skies, white fluffy clouds and warm sunshine was just perfect to pay a visit to the Woodhorn Museum, near Ashington,to see the ‘Weeping Window’ of Poppies that had been installed by an army of volunteers.

 Adrienne L Newcastle

In the North West of Newcastle, within the city walls, was Blackfriars, a Dominican Friary founded by a wealthy business merchant, Sir Peter Scott, in 1239. It is said that William III of England, and Edward Bolliol, claimant to the Scottish throne met here in 1334.

​York is famous for its medieval city walls, Guy Fawkes, highwaymen and ghosts. The Ghost Research Foundation International claims York is the most haunted city in Europe, with 504 ghostswandering its ancient streets.

You'd think we'd be able to find one.