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Shute BartonThe National Trust has it fair share of grand houses and magnificent gardens but, every now and again, you come across a more unassuming little gem.

Georgia Dorchester

I’ve got a confession – I can’t walk past a museum without popping in. Okay, it’s not the most troubling of addictions and is completely legal but it’s certainly fun.

Belmont House

You might remember a Channel 4 programme on a while ago which featured the work of The Landmark Trust. Restoring Britain’s Landmarks introduced the workings of the trust.

 Cat lynx jail

Most people fear a night in jail. We couldn't wait to be locked up.


The last time I was here for a chat back in April of 2014, I told you about moving four generations of my family from Bristol to Cornwall. I thought I'd catch you up on what I have been up to since then.

I can thoroughly recommend a trip to this lovely National Trust property just outside Bath.We went on Friday when the weather was glorious,which added to the pleasure of wandering around the lovely gardens and grounds and sitting in the shaded areas enjoying a cup of tea.


My first memory of Cornwall was when I first came here on holiday. I was four years old, about forty years ago (okay and the rest) and we stayed in Looe. I have vivid memories of running down a very steep hill from our little chalet on the cliff to the beach every day with my older brother.

Outside The Royal Albert Memorial Museum And Art Gallery

While I was growing up during the 1950s and 1960s, most provincial museums were grim, unwelcoming places full of dusty bits and pieces in big glass cabinets. There was nothing to touch or hear, and there was certainly nothing to taste or smell. All visitors were expected to do was look at everything respectfully and then to go away again.

The Grove, Exmouth local owners

I love Exmouth. Miles of golden sand, clean tidy parks, lots of great independent shops and when I want to eat out, plenty of good pubs and restaurants. For Around The UK, I shall be writing about some of the places I visit and would like to start off by recommending The Grove.

My husband, family and myself love eating at this lovely pub, which has a beautiful view over the Devon hills, and the sea beyond. There is a large restaurant area, tastefully furnished, or people can eat in the bar area.