Humans Hilary

Humans are unfathomable. I’m one and I don’t even know myself very well.

Hilary Cheer up 4

Those of you who have read the previous ‘Cheer Up’ articles will, by now, know how funny my grandchildren can sometimes be. As a writer I always keep a notebook and pen in my bag and jot down the funny things they say. I wouldn’t trust my memory to recall very much otherwise!


Hilary CNuts

I’m not being rude, I’m simply letting you know what the blossom on this lovely tree will be one day.

Hilary Coombes Spain


Some of you know that I live between the UK and Spain, and I love the country of my birth, and my adopted county very much, but there are lots of little differences that you’d never imagine if you only visit for a holiday. 

 Hilary Coombes Alicante


Alicante Part 2

Do you find beaches boring? Hands up!


John C Man

 You’ve retired. You made it. Now you have a new life. Congratulations. What are you going to do now?

Hilary Coombes Alicante

 If you find yourself near the port city of Alicante on Spain’s south eastern Costa Blanca and at a quandary as to what to do …read on.

Hilary Coombes Chris Frome article

 Worldwide fame is on its way to the bottom of my street in Moraira! Yes my street!

Hilary Coombs Fire

Yesterday I could see the billowing black smoke and flames running down the mountains to the east of my town Moraira on the Costa Blanca, Spain.

Rioja article

I took a short break from my home on the Costa Blanca, Spain, to spend three days in the Rioja region of northern Spain and happened across the strangest cathedral — one inside which a hen and a rooster are housed in a gothic 15th century henhouse. Not only that, there is a macabre tale connected to these birds.

Hilary Spain baby article

I have three very precious grandchildren and I want to share with you our celebration because the youngest one has just reached the grand age of one!

HilaryCoombessink article

We carried our kitchen sink from England to Spain, and that was some adventure as some of you might remember!

 Hilary C

In the first part of these two articles about the Fallas in Valencia, I described the days leading up to this massive event and the main fiesta itself.

Expats Spain

Owning our own Spanish property has opened up a new, wonderful life for us that we had no idea existed. It is nothing at all like being on holiday; it is a hundred times more rewarding.

Phil P Band

As a professional jazz musician, I often get a hollow laugh from fellow musos when I say I’m going off to do a Saga jazz holiday. There’s an illusion among some of my colleagues in this trade: Despite being themselves “of a certain age” and well-prone to riotous living, they mistakenly believe that Saga customers must be of a distinctly staid disposition. Wrong!


Hilary C

At last we take the plunge Right now, I left you in Spain in the town of Nerja five years ago. Not a fast mover me …you’ve probably gathered.

Hilary Coombes

The first article in this series (Have you ever thought you’d like to live part of the year in Spain) left you in the 1980's with Phil Collins; hope you had a good time. ☺

Hilary Coombes

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own little Spanish property where you could escape the worst of the English winter whenever you wanted?