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 Lise Hodgson article

When I was a child I was not particularly interested in finding out about my grandparents.

Anne Harvey Child

Mum was the chubby one to the right of my Grandma.

 Article Morton Gray photo

Whose bottoms are these?

I talked to my local WI a while back, appealing to members to do two things:-

 Trevor B article

Bill was a bit of a tease, a bit of a drinker and a bit of a gambler; nothing serious, just a few pounds on the dogs and nags every Saturday.

 Little G 3rd Birthday

Dear Avalyn Grace

Today, Friday 24th of February marks your 3rd birthday.

Toby Baby


My good friend's son in law is running 7 marathons in 7 days with his best friend to raise money for Great Ormond Street and has asked me to publish this article and maybe you would like to donate to the Leukemia Fund. Details at the end of the article.

Judith Barrow Mum

I haven’t been online much over the last few months; my mother had been on end of life care for over a year and she passed away peacefully three weeks ago. It’s been a difficult time, both for her and for all the family.

Cheer Up H C

This picture was taken after our car journey – they were deciding what to cook ☺️


Tina Burton Remembrance article

I thought you'd like a little remembrance story, it's a true one.

Andrew A grandkids

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 Once your own children have grown up, moved out and built lives of their own, you are left to enjoy years of doing things for yourself again.


My sister Jan (AKA the Queen of Oapschat) and I are spending some time together right now and we decided to liven things up a bit by setting each other a few challenges. Everyone is scared of something, so we thought we would set about confronting some of our biggest fears.

Elizabeth Ducie Sisters

Me, Margaret and Sheila

Recently, I was giving someone the elevator speech for my new novel—the two minute summary every writer has ready in case they bump into an agent or Hollywood producer in the elevator—and she smiled and said ‘more sisters, I see.’

Carol H Grandma

In the interests of making sure that she is developing 'normally', Little G has recently undergone her two year checkup with a health visitor.

Carol H Grandma

Ever since she was born, Little G has been on a 'low sugar' diet. Chocolate and sweets, cake, desserts and sweetened drinks have been rationed or not introduced.

 Carol Hedges Grandma

Little G and I are sitting in the garden. It is Thursday, 'Grandma Day' under the new regime.

L Plate Gran

 Big changes are happening in Little G's world. She has now gone from being only child to big sister as You must be mad gave birth to Little GS last week, and we are all watching carefully to see if our extensive baby pre-prep has paid off.

Fred Walton watch

I was always notorious for breaking watches. They very rarely lasted more than a week, my record being one whole morning.

Hilary Coombes

I recently stayed with our daughter and her family in the UK. Eddie is now six and his younger sister is 2 ¾ years old. They made me laugh and brought me back to the simple things in life in an instant.

 Carol H daughter

Mum and big sister

Dear Little Boy

I am writing to you a couple of days before you are due to be born. You are going to enter the world and our lives and it is as if everything is 'on hold' awaiting your birth.

Carol Hedges

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Grandma in possession of a small child must be in want of practically nothing. Except advice. Lots and lots of advice.