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A complete change from my usual memoir-based blog today! I’ve invited my lovely writer friend Elaine Chissick to have a chat over wine and chocolate. Elaine are Facebook friends and, though we’ve never met, I feel we are kindred spirits.

 Rosy Good Friends

This is still true. Writers support for one another is immense!

 Article Hallelujah

As many of you know, I belong to Helen Vereker Singers, Hereford Pop Choir.


 Friends Tina

I was thinking about friends recently, and how that word now means something a lot more relaxed than it used to.

 Linda M Temps Perdu

My husband, Roger - who also went to school in Totnes, at King Edward V1 - has known Marie-Claire as long as I have. I knew he wouldn’t want to drive in Rouen (if you’ve ever done it you’ll know what a total scary nightmare it is!) and he’d never flown on a commercial flight because he’s always had a fear of flying.

 linda M Perdu

‘If you want to go,’ my mother said when I came home from school with literature about a class exchange with a lycée in Rouen, ‘you’ll have to get a Saturday job and pay for it.’

Norman Turner, Jan Rosser

My day started at the unearthly hour of 5.45am, after what had been a "scratchy" night's sleep.

oapschat friends

Having friends in your life, is like having a lighthouse beaming light across the ocean on all aspects of your life. Friends are there in good times, sad times, special times. Always there to lend an ear when needed, and to laugh with. To dine with too, and share your secrets and aspirations. They'll help you choose a special dress for a special occasion, and make you feel so special.