Guy Fawkes

Did you know that it is said that until 1959 it was illegal NOT to celebrate Bonfire Night in the UK? I don’t know for sure but I do know that that year was very strange for a 9 year old.

Christopher Obituary 

The herbal world is in mourning for the passing of Christopher Hedley, Fellow of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, and tutor to many thousands of ‘baby herbalists’ over the years.

Hairnet Keith B 

Not a film title, a mildly amusing anecdote of 1950’s Birmingham.

Chips Carolyn S

I discovered chips with mayonnaise in 1966, I was thirteen. We were in Friesland, sailing, moored rather disconcertingly on a bouncing island. Everywhere we went there were stalls selling this exotic mix, and I loved it.

Dickie Bows

In the fairly drab days of the 50’s and 60’s an excuse to play at being rich, just for one night was irresistible. My mom and dad, Olive and Ken Belcher both worked hard and loved an excuse to enjoy themselves.


It's 1968. Hamble on board Alida. Harold Wilson was Prime Minister and High Treason was afoot.

Messing River

My father's love of boats began on the Thames. In 1928, he had a small dinghy that he rowed, earning coppers from a boatman who liked him. He told he lost this boat once and had to walk from Greenwich to Charing Cross pier to find it.

Dunkirk CS

I had no idea what the word ‘Dunkirk’ meant. This was 1958 and I was 5. We were on board Hugh’s boat, Laranda 2 and this was the third boat that I had known already.

Pug and Parrot

My father was never happier than when he was tinkering around in the bilges. MY Alida had twin Perkins Dolphin engines. Big things; it was a big boat.

Humber Wight Dover

Midnight. It's slightly damp in my cabin, and I have been trying to ignore the halyards thwacking against metal masts for hours.

 Anne Harvey 1958

That's me at the back with the hunky Spaniard!

I haven’t posted a memoir-based post for some time so I’ll take up the story from when I first broke-up with my Beloved Bad Penny (see post from 8/11/16).

 Clowns Trevor B

I can remember a fair bit about my early childhood.

Kay Seeley Speedway

For a teenager in the sixties anything was possible. I’d started work at sixteen in 1960 as an office junior earning £6 a week, good money in those days.

Trevor B Winter 63 article

Winter is upon us once again. I wonder what the next few months have in store for us weather-wise?

Article Big Freeze

It has been a tad chilly these last few days and nights after our mostly mild December.

Childhood Frank Shenton

I have been given permission to publish this article written by Frank Shenton. Makes interesting reading!

Steve Davies

Mid 1980s - Rudloe Manor, Wiltshire - In the office of the criminal investigators working for the RAF Special Investigation Branch Southern Region Headquarters, my desk was up against one wall next to that of a colleague’s and together we shared a single telephone.

lexley Titanic

Why does the story of the Titanic still have the power to move us, even though it happened more than a hundred years ago?

My brother's then girlfriend's company she worked for were organising a bus to see the Beatles, Sounds Incorporated and Mary Wells in Edinburgh at the Usher Hall.

Steve Davies Dog

On 23rd February 2016, Ian Soulsby, a former 'Snowdrop' who had served with the RAF Police, passed away. Several years earlier, Ian had contacted the author to share some of his memories of his time in the RAF. This one story was included in the condolences on the private Facebook Group 'Snowdrops Gone but not Forgotten'.