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 Clowns Trevor B

I can remember a fair bit about my early childhood.

Kay Seeley Speedway

For a teenager in the sixties anything was possible. I’d started work at sixteen in 1960 as an office junior earning £6 a week, good money in those days.

Trevor B Winter 63 article

Winter is upon us once again. I wonder what the next few months have in store for us weather-wise?

Article Big Freeze

It has been a tad chilly these last few days and nights after our mostly mild December.

Childhood Frank Shenton

I have been given permission to publish this article written by Frank Shenton. Makes interesting reading!

Steve Davies

Mid 1980s - Rudloe Manor, Wiltshire - In the office of the criminal investigators working for the RAF Special Investigation Branch Southern Region Headquarters, my desk was up against one wall next to that of a colleague’s and together we shared a single telephone.

lexley Titanic

Why does the story of the Titanic still have the power to move us, even though it happened more than a hundred years ago?

My brother's then girlfriend's company she worked for were organising a bus to see the Beatles, Sounds Incorporated and Mary Wells in Edinburgh at the Usher Hall.

Steve Davies Dog

On 23rd February 2016, Ian Soulsby, a former 'Snowdrop' who had served with the RAF Police, passed away. Several years earlier, Ian had contacted the author to share some of his memories of his time in the RAF. This one story was included in the condolences on the private Facebook Group 'Snowdrops Gone but not Forgotten'.

Di Castle first job

So the question was what was the first job we had. Probably the first unpaid job I had was weeding and stoning our garden for my Dad but if we are talking paid work then my first job was a big surprise. I wasn’t looking for it, nor was I interviewed.

Maggie Choc

I am delighted to be the winner of Eric Lennick's book, A Life Worth Living! Here is a story of one of my first childhood memories. It is of our two little kittens, Jonathan and Josephine.

Sandy W firework

It is a clear cold November 5th sometime in the late 1950’s. I stood with my father and mother watching with, frosty clouds of bated breath, my elder brother Willie von Braun proudly preparing his rocket for take-off.

Tina B Second Time Round

I married Paul in September 1999 when I was thirty-six years old, and although this was my second marriage, it felt more real than my first, and this time, I really wanted to get married.

Tina Burton Marriage

When I got married for the second time in 1999, we chose the lovely Art Deco hotel on Burgh Island, across from Bigbury-on-Sea in Devon, as the place where we wanted to exchange our vows.

Twin Towers

I recently read a short memoir by Kirsty Grant about the September 11 attack on the Twin Towers. It was titled Collapse. She posted her recollection on her website and invited readers to reply with their own memories of that terrible day. This was my memory..

 lesley Cookman

Seven Facts you didn’t know about Lesley Cookman: 1. I was taken up in a glider over Delhi. 2. I was asked to audition as a Bunny Girl at the Playboy Club. (I didn't) 3. I was hoiked out of a car by armed soldiers one night in Lagos. 4. My dad was one half of a nightclub act. 5. I was once the editor of "The Call Boy", the magazine of The British Music Hall Society, and met many of the "greats". (Taken in to dinner by Norman Wisdom.) 6. I worked briefly at Butlins in Clacton. 7. I won the RSPCA regional story prize two years running when I was at school.


Joy Lennick Eric

As you know, on the 3rd of September, 1939, war was declared. Eric has hand-written his autobiography 'A LIFE WORTH LIVING' and I've typed and tweaked it for him. It will, hopefully, be published shortly. Hereunder is an excerpt:-

Kay Seeley CHick

I rolled up my sleeves, screwed up my eyes and stretched my arm into the cupboard under the stairs. Feeling around in the darkness my hand found the shallow dish but as I touched the cold gloopy liquid I screamed. I was about six years old and had been sent by my mother to get some eggs out of the dish of water-glass under the stairs.

Yvonne P Marriage

Adding to my last story, I thought you may be interested in how it all came about, the marriage I mean.

Sandy Wilson Lost in Trans

My learner, Jovi, a Filipino, arrived back from his driving test scuffing the kerb, then managed to pull up so far from the pavement that a drawbridge would have been useful. I waited, watching through the windscreen as Jovi sat impassively while the examiner reeled off his faults and told him he had failed.