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Sheila H Macmillan

Macmillan charity has always been close to my heart. When we got married my husband and I decided to ask for donations instead of gifts and managed to raise approx £2,000 for this cause thanks to generosity of family and friends.My Dad had died from cancer two years before so we wanted to give something back.

I have had a coffee morning in the past and attended a few for Macmillan and this year I decided to have one again,mainly because my nephew has just been fighting this evil disease and been through the mill with aggressive treatment.



Hopefully this is the end of it for him and he is out the other side and life can begin for him aged 40!

Sheila H Mac
Super crafts

I decided to combine the coffee and cakes with a sale of crafts made by my talented niece and despite grim weather we had a great turnout of family,friends and neighbours and managed to raise £300 for the cause!

Macmillan S Holley

Notification from Macmillan, the balance of funds was sent separately

Amazing what a few cakes and a raffle can do! Great to catch up with people I haven't seen for ages too!

Sorry no pics of the cakes- all eaten before I thought about it but some lovely pics of my nieces handiwork- oh and the pup who was the star of the show!

sheila H Mac
Alfie was very welcoming to everyone!

Thanks to everybody who baked and attended- couldn't have done it without you!

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