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Deb F Detection dogs

On Saturday August 8th, Debbie Flint is holding a tabletop sale at Wotton Village Hall between 11am and 5pm in aid of a cause close to her heart, Medical Detection Dogs.

I am thrilled that Debbie has agreed to answer some questions for us concerning the dogs and also about her VERY busy lifestyle!

Why did you decide to support detection dogs?

When I did the moonwalk this year I met Christina Bowden from Medical Detection Dogs, one of the charities being supported on the night. I was really impressed with the work they do. These dog once trained can alert their owners when something happens, like with type one Diabetes, they can detect whether the owner is low or high blood sugar, by their breath. On July Ist, I visited their headquarters in Milton Keynes, and whilst I was sitting there a lovely lady called Carolyn had an alert from her fabulous dog called Sampson. He made the weirdest noise I've ever heard a dog make, and it meant she had to check her blood. Now Sampson is supposed to alert Carolyn when her blood sugar is lower than five or higher than 15. When she checked it, it was 14.9. How amazing is that! I just knew I had to do something special and with my house move, I had a lot of stuff I needed to get rid of.

So my tabletop sale in Wotton near Dorking was born.


Deb F  House

Tell us about the house move- 9 years in the same place?!

Ah yeah but this is a relief to be honest. EpeeI went on a beautiful country estate and it's tied housing – they offer it to you in threes and the rest they rent out. I have been in mine nine years but for the last two years I was putting things in containers meaning to move one day sometime never, you know how it is. So when I got the call that they had a new gamekeeper who had six dogs and two kids who needed the house it was fate.  I told myself that anyway! This was 2 & half months ago and I have been sorting out my rubbish ever since! This is the first house since I was 22, that is just for me. The kids have left home and set up their own homes with their partners. It's lovely actually just being able to think about myself what I want, how I want to decorate, it's just hard considering how much stuff I had to get rid of to downsize this much. From a three bed detached - see the picture above – to a little bijoux two up two down which actually looks like the house from the film The Holiday, seriously it does and I'm not that far from Esher in Surrey either, He! He!

Deb F House

Debbie's new house

Deb F Garden

The dogs getting used to the new garden!

So what is happening on Saturday, 8 August at Wotton Village Hall behind the Wotton Hatch pub on the A25 just outside Dorking RH5 6QQ between 11AM and 5 PM?

Ha Ha, thanks for that! Well here is the link to the page with all the info but in summary there is a chance to for people to meet  the detection dogs, there are special afternoon teas, lots of nearly new items to buy including QVC fashion and a little beauty, a fabulous raffle, a special sponsored bodyblade fitness event, and the chance to get your skin collagen density checked with a special machine from the Imedeen team or the UVA analysis done with the ultrasun team. It's going to be really busy, but I'm looking forward to it.

Deb F pup

Isn't this puppy adorable?

And then what?

A good question! Well considering I have a long overdue novel in the pipeline, it's that more than anything else, and lots more settling into the new place. I can't wait to get back up to speed with Sky TV, Broadband and phone line… All the usual stuff we take for granted. I don't have any of it and in the hollow where I live now, my usual mobile has no signal – zero! It's really weird having been out of contact for so long considering I am Mrs Social Media ha ha.

Seriously, I will be writing "French or Dutch", my novel about nurses, horse-drawn caravans, and one scandalous ideal – to bring a change to women and sex lives for ever in 1920s Britain. I can't wait! Meanwhile this Saturday from 8pm until 10pm, I am showing my gratitude to everyone who has been supporting me, by offering my e-book of my semi autobiographical weight loss book called Till The Fat Lady Slims, for FREE on Amazon Kindle or single smart phone app, for three days this weekend, 8 August-10 August inclusive. So if you can't come to the tabletop sale, do get a copy, and also don't forget to take part in the online draw for some super prizes some worth over £160, all links on my website. 

Do go along and support Debbie if you can!

Thanks for talking to me Debbie. I wish you every health and happiness for the future in your new house.

If you'd like a regular update, just subscribe to Debbie's weekly newsletter on her website or follow her on Twitter.

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