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Dave Rob vid

Let’s give Flatcap credit where it’s due. He doesn’t let disappointment and failure stand in his way.

Determined as ever to get in shape, he’s forgone the trainers and is now chucking the barbells about



Flatcap in Training

Will his never-say-die approach lead to a six-pack? Or is he forever doomed to a party-seven?

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David Robinson
Who Am I?

David Robinson is 66 going on 18. He retired at the age of 60 after a minor heart wobble, and devoted his over-abundance of leisure time to writing novels. In the last six years, he has published 19 books with Crooked Cat Books, and self-published a further five, with more to come.

He has a one-megaton sense of humour and a low threshold of boredom. Put the two together and you have an individual who is almost manically active, and cheerful about it. His writing output is prodigious, and he also podcasts short, humorous snippets from Flatcap’s life, and he has now discovered video.

He lives with his wife and crazy Jack Russell terrier named Joe, near the Saddleworth Moors on the Eastern outskirts of Manchester.

You can find David (and Flatcap) at:

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