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TGA Mobility is a family business that prides itself on its quality products and high standards of customer service. We've been in the mobility business for more than 25 years and have an established reputation for innovation and durability. All our products comply with stringent Government regulations and are tested by our engineers for quality, reliability and safety.

We believe you wont find better anywhere else and with our range of options and accessories there are literally hundreds of different ways to make sure you get the perfect solution to fit your lifestyle.

Our mobility scooter range covers various different designs and sizes of mobility scooter. For those who need a more robust and heavy-duty scooter we have the large 8mph range, which includes the reliable, award-winning Breeze S4, (see main picture) and the Supersport with its off-road capabilities

Pioneering the mid-size rnage are the Breeze Midi and the Vitalife with their cutting edge styling, innovative safety features and highly manoeuvrarble lightweight chassis.

  The Supersport

 The Breeze Midi


 The Vitalife

However, if you are looking for a scooter that is lightweight and compact then take a look at the Eclipse, or, for one of the most advanced and transportable designs in folding car boot scooters, there are the Minimo and Maximo, (available late Summer 2014) to choose from.

The Eclipse

The Minimo

At TGA we really are able to find the right mobility scooter to suit your requirements.

A mobility vehicle can definitely improve your lifestyle. No longer will you be confined to your home, reliant on others and unable to fully control your own life. It really can offer you freedom and independence

Today it is increasingly common to see a scooter being used by people of all ages and abilities. People have now found out that these mobility vehicles are popular, because without them they would be house bound, or restricted to only very limited distances. They are easy to control, economical to keep, and actually pretty good fun!

However, deciding on which model to see, and which company to buy from, is very important, and can be difficult.
Before buying a mobility scooter you should ask yourself these important questions to ensure you get the right scooter for your needs.

  • Where do I want to use it? - Indoors - size of doors?
  • Outdoors - level or rough ground? Are dropped kerbs available?
  • How far do I want to go?
  • Do I need to get it into a car?
  • Does it dismantle easily? Who will dismantle it? How often?
  • Where will my vehicle be stored and charged?
  • Will I be in the vehicle for long periods?
  • Can I use it easily and safely?
  • Do I need it to be adapted for my particular comfort and safety?
  • Do I need special seating, backs, armrests, footrests?
  • Is there a clear indication of the amount of charge remaining?
  • Is it available in different colours of frame and upholstery?
  • Who will service my vehicle?
  • Do I want extended warranty, insurance and a service contract?

You need to know that the product is suitable for all your needs, and that the company is qualified, and an experienced supplier, you need to know that they will look after you and your scooter, now and in the future.

Make sure you consider the following points:

  • Is the company based near you with servicing facilities and on the road repair and service engineers?
  • Can the company provide servicing and finance plans and information about comprehensive insurance?
  • Do you know the cost of call outs and in-home servicing?
  • Is the company able to provide other medical products you require?
  • Will the company provide details of another local approved repairer, when you are away on holiday in the U.K?

If you are in any doubt about what type of scooter would be best for you, how to finance the purchase, whether you can take it on public transport, or anything else mobility scooter related please do not hesitate to contact us on 01787 882244, or visit our website

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