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Three Rings

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Even with hectic lives and miles between us, 3rings can bring the family together to let them know our ageing parents and loved ones are safe and well.

Looking after your loved ones as they grow older is the most natural thing in the world. After all, we want to know that our mum, dad or grandparents are safe and well each day

Imagine just by turning on the kettle to make a cup of tea or the TV to watch that favourite show that the whole family get a ‘peace of mind ‘ message that you are OK each day or more importantly an alert if no activity was detected.

That’s what the 3rings plug has been designed to do and the inspiration behind the invention was Iris, the mum of the inventor, Steve Purdham.

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Iris’s story

Iris is 84 and lives a happy, independent life in the home that she loves - with the support of a caring family never far away. Each day her daughter-in-law Julie phones or someone calls in to say hello and check that all is well with mum.

For all of us though, that reassuring call has to fit around family life. So it’s never too soon to plan ahead and put a safety net in place.

For Iris that safety net is the 3rings - the simple plug-in device that raised the alarm when she needed help

Sudden compression fracture in her back left Iris with the inability to get out of bed, even though the phone and red button alarm were within reach she wouldn’t use them to call for help as Iris is fiercely independent.

The story of not being able to reach for help or not wanting
to be a burden on the family is familiar. But the 3rings plug is a fail-safe device that automatically summoned Julie’s help when it was needed.

How it works

The 3rings plug, lets you and all your family know that your loved ones are okay each day. Simply plug in with their kettle, TV or almost any electrical mains device and tell 3rings when you want to check that your loved ones are okay.


The 3rings plug then lets your family know by email or text to their tablet, PC or mobile phone that all is well.

No Internet is needed at Iris’s house because of the built-in mobile technology

In the case of Iris, Julie had set the 3rings plug to check in every day at 8am. So when Iris couldn’t get out of bed to make her morning cup of tea, the family’s daily green alert was not received and the red alert came instead.

The family was then on the case and everyone knew that Iris had the help she needed

Thanks to 3rings Iris was soon back on her feet and living the life that she values so much – with a simple to use system that won’t let her down.

The 3rings plug can take away the daily stress from families who worry about their ageing loved ones and help then look after their ageing loved ones on a daily basis.

So if you would like to know more about the safety net that can be provided by the 3rings plug then visit our website here.

Or call today for a chat: 0161 731 0081


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