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Some can diet, but I’ve found most can’t, and worse than that, WHEN they can’t, they fail spectacularly. Why? Because of the psychology of dieting. And Freedom Eating helps to sort that out.

You see if I took the DASH diet at face value, and just instructed myself to follow it religiously, I would rebel. It’s true. All my life I’ve done it – if someone tells me I can’t, I want to! If the list of healthy foods was ALL I could have, before long I would be driving myself up the wall craving the things on the forbidden list.

Even if I did not want to eat rubbish before!!

I wasn't bothered about crisps, I could say no to chips, I absolutely didn't want cake or biscuits beforehand. BUT as soon as I know they are now off limits, and I am supposed to be following a strict regime, then my brain rebels, and within a day and a half I am feeling depressed, angry, like the future is not bright any more … all those stupid things our brains do to sabotage us when we are supposed to be dieting. Because dieting to most of us, means deprivation and control and it hurts.

When I found out about Freedom Eating in 1999, it was like a light bulb went on

As soon as I tried the six principles, something clicked. Once they were allowed, they stopped being ‘treasure’ and therefore I discovered that the flipside is also true, total freedom means realising I can choose not to be controlled by bad foods. To some people this will sound stupid, and obvious, and in some respects, it is. I do wish that I was always able to just stick with a slim person's mentality and end up being normal around food but social conditioning did not allow this to happen.

The full story of why, including many anecdotes is in my Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 – the ‘When’ Diet book - see if you feel the same way, by reading that book first. It has the whole semi-autobiographical account of what I used to be like, plus the full run down of the super six principles of freedom eating, and other information

Roll forward to January 2016 and the Facebook group Till the Fat Lady Slims has over 1000 fun participants reporting their progress, their hiccups and being normal.

A big part of my ongoing learning for the last two years since I started writing the update, book 2.0, to the original, has revolved around the Wayside. We now know, the wayside is part of the journey, just don’t set up camp there.

Dealing with the ‘Wayside’ and the various forms of tent, types of pitch and duration of stay, has created a whole new method of confronting the demon Inner Chimp. I discovered some new books, some new philosophies and some fantastic testimonial from the Freedom Eaters in our group. Then I noticed there were several different categories of person, and started to note their behaviours.

It was fascinating to me to see how different people handled Freedom Eating different ways. I already knew from my ex-weight watchers leader sister Linda, that the super six principles can be integrated into any traditional diet – ANY

But now I was seeing other attitudes and reactions and patterns and therefore the ‘six guises of Freedom Eaters’ came to be. With a sprinkle of psychology from a book about the inner chimp – called The Chimp Paradox (I highly recommend it) and a dose of biology from the book called Gut by Giulia Enders (also a revelation especially when it comes to why foods react so differently inside the body,)

I formed the plan for book 3.0 – Tips and Tales to Inspire. The cornerstone of book three is also the tale of Dawn Allen – who has lost six and a half stone in the last twelve months, all, she says, down to Till the Fat Lady Slims method and Freedom Eating has changed her life. And much other feedback and advice from those now following the system and recommending it to others.

Till The Fat Lady Slims book 3.0 is now available to pre order on Amazon. It is designed to be a follow up to book 2. Click here for details.

Deb Flint

Me and three of the wonderful Medical Detection dogs!

The best bit about this book for me is that all the profits are going to help Medical Detection Dogs, who are currently raising funds for a new prostate cancer detection dog to be trained – go here to donate and to see a brilliant video from Dr Claire Guest the founder talking about the need to expand their cancer detection department and how the dogs do it. I’m an ambassador and it warms my heart to know I can donate the profits to help provide diabetic alert dogs amongst others and help fund crucial research into early detection of prostate and other cancers, even breast cancer, down the line. All using clever canines.

So buying the book will help you, the dogs and the ultimate beneficiaries of the research.

For more about my TTFLS method and books, go to my website or tweet me @debbieflint.

Here is Part 1 of this article. 

EDITOR: There is a great interview here with Debbie about Medical Detection Dogs.  

I am also delighted to be able to announce that Debbie is donating a signed copy of Till The Fat Slims 3.0 -Tips and Tales to Inspire. Details are on the website now! Many thanks Debbie!

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Currently a writer and a QVC UK presenter, Debbie has been in TV most of her life, including standing in for Phillip Schofield as the first girl in the Children's BBC TV broom cupboard.

Many other TV roles ensued, including hosting her own BBC Daytime game show 'Meet the Challenge', and sharing a sofa with Eamon Holmes in the early days of daytime TV on 'Open Air.

Children, labradors, running her own business and divorce all followed, and now she's proudly presenting once more on QVC the Shopping Channel in the UK.

Writing has always been her passion, and following many courses, conferences and curses, she self-published her first titles early 2013.

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